Hexagonal Designs

To make the process as easy as possible this page allows you to choose/design your hexagonal gazebo in five steps. Step 1 choose the size of the gazebo, Step 2 the type of roof, Step 3 the floor design, Step 4 the design of the sides  where side 1 is always the open side (side 1 to 6 each individually clockwise around the gazebo) and finally Step 5 the seating and table requirements. As you choose in each step the price of your gazebo is worked out and stored on paypals website ready for your secure payment and order. This can be viewed and altered at any time by clicking on the view cart button.

Step 1

Choose the size of your gazebo from the drop down menu below. We recommend that you measure and mark out your choice in the garden before purchase. This can easily be done by using a peg and string and simply creating a circle on the ground with the diameter the same as the size of the gazebo. The standard gazebo comes with a waney board roof and open sides.

Step 2

Choose the type of roof you require. Our gazebos come with three choices of roof, the waney board option comes at no extra cost, a sawn chestnut shingle roof which produces a uniform tile effect and lastly traditional hand cleft chestnut shingles that produce a ‘reptilian’ look to the roof.

Step 3

Choose the type of floor. Our gazebos can be constructed on just the concrete pad that has been laid, this option suits when a patio flooring is being laid after construction. We can provide a timber floor at ground level or a raised floor to improve your view of the garden or scenery.

Step 4

Choose the design of the gazebo sides. Side 1 is the open side, then work around the gazebo in a clockwise direction to choose the other sides. It is usual to have the same design all around the gazebo, but it also works having solid sides to add seclusion and shield from close plants/shrubs. Select the side design you require below and then go to cart to input the number of sides you require of that type. At check out inform us of which side goes where (eg. sides 2,3,5 and 6 rustic palisade and side 4 solid)

Step 5

Choose your type of seating and table. Smaller gazebos work well with benches around the edge of the gazebo as this increases the seating spaces. Larger gazebos produce the ability to have more space around the seating, creating room for people to easily move around the table and in and out of the gazebo.

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Waney Board Roof

Sawn Shingle Roof

Cleft Shingle Roof